Podcast – Psyberspace – Relationship

Psyberspace, this blog, occasionally has audio I make. Occasionally. Rarely.

Here is a ten minute one, I called it relationship, but it is about one small sliver of thought about listening to your partner.

Podcast – Psyberspace – Relationship

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3 Replies to “Podcast – Psyberspace – Relationship”

  1. I have down loaded and listened. The listener who wishes for the other to tell is isolated from the other until there is communication. Saying no by absence of words are voiced refusal or retreat into confused introversion separates both but from themselves as well as each other. The idea of responding to whatever matters in the moment or this moment makes perfect sense because it re connects and listening restores life flow into relationship joined to purpose out there in OUR world. However to have the trauma holder share is a hunger for a connection with a proof hanging on it, it is a demand placed on, or pressure to take the listeners road to health. It is a bit like “rescuing” that is saving another from our pain. How do we sit with another in accurate empathy may be but with a readiness to be there for the moment they are living within which they and we are disconnected from our self and engaged only by awareness that there is willing ness to be where we are both knowing the other is there and otherwise in our own psyber space.

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