Thanks Lisa Rivas!

I am going through the calmest time in my art binge since the seizure began more than two years ago. I did the Thousand Sketches in one year and continued to make digital sketches and do some real-media work in the last year. I have had three exhibitions of one sort and another this year – one is still going at OurCity Otautahi. But it is a month or so since I posted an image, and that is the longest time. I am not dreaming art every night. I have no more plans for workshops or shows this year, and am enjoying being focused in my psychotherapy work. Calm. Before a storm? I doubt it, not this year anyway, I am in recovery mode from having been invaded by enthusiasm!

So this is a very belated thank you post.

On my mind for a while is the delight in getting “I love your blog” award from Lisa Rivas, whose work I love! This is what an I love your blog award looks like. See image below.

Prompted by that viral award I decided to do some heart art as well. I’ll put it in the next post, and I will also send out a few I LOVE YOUR BLOG awards. I will post a list when I have seven & I get time to really suss out some great art blogs I know.


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