classical physics cannot accommodate the phenomenon of consciousness

Stephen Wood is critical of the physical, materialist, linear approach which does not come close to consciousness as an experience.   OK, but it does shed light on some things.   This essay seems to be a confusion of hypothesis and solution,  he returns to mysticism and religion, all fine, it is a mystery…  it sure is, but there is not much that is new there.

The Holographic Principle and the Evolution of Consciousness:

By Stephen Wood

Quantum physicist Henry Stapp (1997) has argued persuasively that classical physics cannot accommodate the phenomenon of consciousness, because it deals with independent entities that are localized in spacetime. In classical physics, one can only conceive of disjointed physical events in various places in the brain, with no experiential unity. Our conscious experience demands a quantum theory of the mind, which allows for instantaneous interaction between the various elements of the brain. The Holographic Principle is the information theory of such quantum fields. Let us briefly discuss the nature of quantum theory and its connection with the Holographic Principle.

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