Magical Negro in Chief

We saw Australia (the movie) last night, this led to the discussion of how there wqas something condescending in the way the aboriginals had magical powers. Then Amy showed us this item which clinched the idea of the archetype very fully, great article.

As usual I think the archetype is fine, we all have a wise old man in our psyche, but to literalise the idea is the problem.

But this is movie was not History. it is a fable, and so as long as we see it as that it is not so bad. But is the USA is literalising a fable, now that could be a disaster!

Magical Negro in Chief
By Bijan C. Bayne |

In Obama, pop devotees of the black spiritual guide have found their ultimate savior.
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Nov. 13, 2008–By now we’ve become familiar with the Negro Spirit Guide in pop culture. Think Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, Sister Act and The Long Walk Home. Laurence Fishburne in Searching for Bobby Fischer and The Matrix.

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