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June 2009

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the my Art News, first one for the year! Note that I have changed the way I send these. Please let me know how it looks on your computer or phone.

The story so far

Thousand Sketches in one year 2006-7. Then a new Art Blog, about four exhibitions and two painting weeks in 2008. I wrote an article about creativity, “Engaging the Muse”, for the Psychodrama Journal 2008. This year a dramatic shift, I hate to say it, but not a lot of art. But not a death! The artist in me is restless, alive.

I went from digital to physical. Hard. It takes more time and space. I need a studio. I need a year off work. I did a few that I quite like. I also made some hybrids, that I like even better. I have a hunch when I get going again it will be digital as a basis for printmaking, collage and a variety of digital to physical productions. Some day soon!

Leaves – A favourite hybrid

Art 2009

One thing I did was to put up a new set of images on the Gallery: Outliers I call them. They were all from the Thousand Sketches but had not been printed, exhibited or noticed by me, but on review I thought they were OK!

I dug out this jug.

Challenge & Change the image for the 2009 New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists conference was also an image that is used on a book by Cambridge Univeristy Press, they are using another image of mine for a book in the series.

iSketches continue to grab my interest, and have suddenly hit the news with Jorge Colombo on the cover of the New Yorker, and David Hockney getting into it.

Flickr – iPhone Sketches

Printing. I am about to get some biggish prints made of old images. The Challenge & Change image and also of this one:

And of course I love art & post about other people’s. People like this.

When I’m not sketching

I am busy with Psychodrama and training to be a Trainer, Educator & Practitioner in the method. Writing, supervision, workshops. I am revising the curriculum, and also developing a Training in Supervision programme, with a workshop coming up soon. The pressure will come off early next year I imagine. I work on the Kate’s Horse Trekking business. Especially the blog, & websites. And I walk the dog!

Flickr – Walk with Winnie

Thats all, thanks for your interest.



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