Psychodrama Training Institute of Chicago

Presents a One-Day Workshop

at the Piccolo Theatre, 600 Main St , Evanston (first floor)

Saturday, 4th of April 2009, 10 am – 5 pm

Making Use of the Imagination in Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Director: Sue Daniel ( Australia )

Role Theory provides the palette from which clinicians and group leaders may draw inspiration and build on their technique. It can be applied in any discipline, field or day-to-day situation. The use of the imagination is central to the art of role theory, it brings freshness and flexibility and a way of looking at ‘what is’. This psychodramatic workshop is experiential. This workshop is for teachers, mental health professionals, actors, middle managers, salespeople and for personal growth. Participants can expect to learn to make interventions based on role theory, role analysis, role mapping and evaluation in a creative way, which has relevance in groups and in individual and couple psychotherapy and personal growth.

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