Supervision of Dramatherapy



Edited by Phil Jones, Ditty Dokter

Series: Supervision in the Arts Therapies

About the Book

Supervision of Dramatherapy offers a thorough overview of Dramatherapy supervision and the issues that can arise during the supervisory task.

Phil Jones and Ditty Dokter bring together experts from the field to examine supervision in a range of contexts with different client groups, including dramatherapy with children, forensic work, and intercultural practice. Each chapter features:

* theoretical grounding
* the importance of action methods
* position in the professional lifecycle
* application in relation to setting and client groups.

Using illustrative examples, Supervision of Dramatherapy provides practical guidance and theoretical grounding, appealing to supervisors and supervisees alike, as well as psychotherapists interested in the use of dramatic methods in the supervisory setting.

* List Price: $35.95
* Web Price: $32.36 (You save $3.59)
* ISBN: 978-0-415-44703-4
* Published by: Routledge
* Publication Date: 11/11/2008
* Pages: 240
* Binding(s): Hardback | Paperback

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