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Moreno and General Semantics

From the Preludes to an Autobiography 1955, following a link in an earlier post. I discovered that this is one and the same as the Preludes in “Who Shall Survive?” where this passage appears on page lxiii

I am still tracking the article in Sociometry mentioned in that earlier post. The Christchurch Psychodrama library has every volume bar 1946 1/2 !

Quote follows

Semantics came next. While visiting Dr. White at St. Elizabeths Hospital one day and expounding to him upon my ideas, he suggested that I meet Korzybski who was also there, attempting to cure mental patients by semantics, White remarked; “Count Korzyhski is determined and resourceful in his way, just like yourself. I would like to put the two of you overnight together in one of our strong rooms, lock you up and then see what has happened to you the next morning.” I was willing, but Korzybski did not appear. I did not get to know him until the meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria in 1934. Korzybski’s Science and Sanity and my Who Shall Survive? had just appeared. Introducing himself to me he suggested that we exchange books but I said: “No, let’s wait another twenty years.” Unfortunately, he could not wait that long and so we have to exchange the books in the here- after.—The analysis of language, useful as it is in itself. does not lead to any change in behavior. It has to be followed up by meth- ods of action learning which train the pupil to think and act below and beyond the boundaries of language. It is interesting to note that before his death Korzybski became interested in group psychotherapy and action techniques and used roleplaying in his seminars.

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