Thinking creātically – By Kenneth G. Johnson

Thinking creātically: a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to creative … By Kenneth G. Johnson

That is the Amazon link to the used books at a huge price.

As part of my link journey on the General Semantic theme I found it on Google and took a snap off the screen with the iphone of some references I wanted.

More details of my process and the book follows.

An app I have turned it into:

And did the OCR – and I emailed it all here!


(1) Elwood Murray, ‘Several Relationships of Psychodrama and General Semantic’, Sociometry, 9 No. 2/3, 1946. p. 184.

(2) Ibid p. 185.

(3) J. L. Moreno, Who shall Survive?, Foundations of Sociometry Group Psychotherapy, and Sociodrama. Beacon, New York, 1953 (Revised). This is a classic text.

(4) Moreno and Korzybski knew of each other and met briefly. ln his Preludes to My Autobiography, Beacon, New York, 1955, p. 55, Moreno tells of that encounter:

That is all there is online, but I will find those books!

I can apparently embed the Google book here! Lets see how that goes.

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