Sex & soul on the internet

Is this a valid proposition (see item below).  That virtual worlds promote sexuality.  Perhaps.  The trouble is that almost all the discussion about psychology on the net is focussed on sexuality, crime and addition.  It is as if psychologists and media can’t see beyond sex drugs and rock’n’roll (“piracy”). 

In my own work as a psychotherapist online the work is more about relationships, and deep work in the psyche with a focus dreams and uncovering layers of unconscious.  I am not alone!  The media encourages reflection and writing.  Seeing ones words mirrored is one way of relating to the self. 

That type of work on the net is just not news!  Not sexy.  It is soulful, never a headline grabber.  (What do you make of my headline for this post!)

British Psychologists Analyze Sex and Morality in Second Life – Pixels and Policy:

Anyone spending any amount of time in Second Life takes notice of its fantasy elements. Perfectly staid and buttoned-down people turn into sexual deviants in oversized animal outfits in the relative freedom and anonymity of the Metaverse. Now Garry Young of Nottingham University asks why we act how we do in the virtual world.

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