Take constructive action when you think you are being wronged.

This is from a psych blog I quite like – rare!  Robert Firestone was a mate of the anti-psychiatrist R D Laing.  I was a fan of Laing in the day, but sadly his own behaviours etc did not do his cause much good.  I should write more on this diagnosis stuff as it is highly relevant to todays ACC (NZ) attacks on the psyche.

I like the post except for the title.  Don’t is never a useful word, and calling something people do unconsciously a Game is counter-productive, it feeds the feeling of inferiority.

Lets call it Take constructive action when you think you are being wronged.  Not as catchy is it.

Don’t Play the Victim Game | Psychology Today:

Many people think they are entitled to good treatment. The truth is that they are neither entitled nor not entitled to it. The significant issues are what is going on and how do they feel about it. This woman would have been better off actively facing the facts of the situation and acknowledging her emotional reactions rather than personally judging it and feeling victimized by it.

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