New Image art

Reading Dick Frizzell and learning about “new Image”, 1978 Whitney moment. Easy to see the influence in various places, do I see it in Bill Hammond?

I can see some of that in my work occasionally, but mostly that I am NOT “New Image” even though I like comics and stories and “rough expressionism”. I am too interested in shape, colour and texture.

There is is something. A realisation about what I do, well, don’t do. Most of the time I just have no idea. Thinking again about the comments from Peter McLeavey on my work (see here) that I need to find who I am etc… I am many things! PolyPsycho digital printmaker.

Description & images by Frizzell’s hero HC Westerman appear below.

New Image @ Art + Culture:

New Image Painting. New Image Painting (or New Image art or New Image Americans). A vague term applied since the late 1970s to the work of certain painters who work in a strident figurative style, often with cartoon-like imagery and abrasive handling owing something to Neo-Expressionism. The term was given currency by an exhibition entitled ‘New Image Painting’ at the Whitney Museum, New York, in 1978. New Image marked a return to painting after a period when much of the contemporary art scene had been focused on performance, installation and conceptual art. Closely related to Figuration Libre (France), Transavantgarde (Italy), Nuovi Nuovi (Italy), Neo Expressionismus (Germany) Some of these artist include: Nicholas Africano Jennifer Bartlett Jonathan Borofsky Neil Jenney Robert Longo Michael Lukas Robert Moskowitz Susan Rothenberg Julian Schnabel (ml)



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