Climate change – Malcolm Turnbull MP (Aust)

Is the proposed ETS in Australia any better than the NZ one, which the NZ Greens say is a scam to make the rich richer & won’t do anything for climate?

Are the NZ Greens right?

Malcolm Turnbull makes sense, (who thought I’d be quoting an Aussie Liberal!)

First, let’s get this straight. You cannot cut emissions without a cost. To replace dirty coal fired power stations with cleaner gas fired ones, or renewables like wind let alone nuclear power or even coal fired power with carbon capture and storage is all going to cost money.

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  1. Hi Walter, I will be posting a few blog entries that talk somewhat about psychodynamics and psychodramatics later this week. You might be interested.

    As far as cost, I kind of think that the cost of going green is worth it. There are economic benefits as well as we create newer technologies, new industries that are more environmentally friendly. The money we are hoarding doesn’t really need to be hoarded. In truth, most of it comes into our pockets at the expense of others.

    Too much to think about.

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