Therapy and the world

Just as I completed the last post I saw this post in GroupTalk:

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Here’s how I see it. Moreno started it with this:

“A truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less an objective than the whole of mankind. But no adequate therapy can be prescribed as long as mankind is not a unity in some fashion and as long as its organization remains unknown. It helped us to think, although we had no definite proof, that mankind is a social and organic unit.”

That opening from Who Shall Survive by Moreno is exactly the philosophy that underlies Jim Rough’s Wisdom councils, though he may not know it. This another example of how some other philosophy amplifies how I see more no’s work more clearly.

Climate change – Malcolm Turnbull MP (Aust)

Is the proposed ETS in Australia any better than the NZ one, which the NZ Greens say is a scam to make the rich richer & won’t do anything for climate?

Are the NZ Greens right?

Malcolm Turnbull makes sense, (who thought I’d be quoting an Aussie Liberal!)

First, let’s get this straight. You cannot cut emissions without a cost. To replace dirty coal fired power stations with cleaner gas fired ones, or renewables like wind let alone nuclear power or even coal fired power with carbon capture and storage is all going to cost money.