I am looking forward to the Apple Tablet. The main thing I’d want to be able to do is to use it instead of my Toshiba M200 for sketching. I did a Thousand Sketches 2006-7 on the Toshiba M200 which has a Wacom style pen only touch screen. Worked well for me. It is pressure sensitive, and highly responsive. So I hope the Tablet will have something like a pen or better.

A long iWishlist follows.

Apple Still Considering Offering a Stylus? – Mac Rumors

I also like the finger input on my iPhone. See a bunch of sketches I did on the phone. Finger painting is great too.

And will there be more? Maybe the back of the thing will be touch sensitive too, for dynamic backgrounds? And the camera will let me do Gesture Painting!! Maybe right now someone is working on voice activated art, hum a colour?


Other (non art) things I want in the Moses Tablet (surely? Though a come down from the Jesus phone)

Voice activation and writing, that understands New Zealand English.
Seamless integration with the iPhone and my PC for things like word completion, dictionary settings.
Seamless integration with phone for seeing who I am talking to. Not much point on having a camera on the phone for that, but one on the front and the back of the ISlate would be nice.
Gestures for things like page turning, on/off, App opening.
A bag or sleeve that can be used to rest it on a table while typing on the vibrating feedback touch screen.
A gyroscope as in the Segway to stand it upright while playing movies. (the rumour started here!)

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  1. Sounds like Apple may become your exclusive platform?
    I will follow this thread with interest. I really want an Apple desktop but have to accept its incompatability with Polytech.
    Voice activation? It seems that two technologies are yet to catch up – batteries and voice recognition. Currently Dragon 9 is far from perfect and the complexities of dialect, tone and pitch are just too hard for the technology. But fold away screens are on their way with Plastic Logic unvealing at Vegas their new e-book which expands to A4 page size.

  2. Yeah, but is there even a tablet, let alone what I’d like? We’ll see soon.

    Let me add one more iWish though:

    All day battery power. Preferably from AAA batteries, so we can fee the machine as we go. Why doesn’t apple do this? Or have removable ones? Aesthetics? Or politics or greed?

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