Carkhuff – Core Conditions of counselling

I was steeped in this model of counselling for many years, first I was taught in the early ’80s by my supervisor, John Morrison, and then more formally in Social Work training. Still think it a useful approach.  I like just seeing the list of these core conditions again.  Quote & link follow.

Amida Trust Papers: Post Rogerian Therapy of Robert Carkhuff:

Carkhuff’s integration was achieved by extending the list of core conditions. He eventually arrived at a list of eight factors which were divided into two categories, as follows:

Responsive Dimensions Empathy
Initiative Dimensions Genuineness

Sometimes Carkhuff conceptualizes the “responsive” and “initiative” dimensions as complementary aspects of a single seamless process, and sometimes he sees them as phases of a two step process, the first phase involving “inward probing” and the second “emergent directionality”.

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