iPad & art

Well the iPad does not meet my hopes.  Not sure even a 2nd gen would do that.  I think the philosophy might be flawed.  Sad! Or is there something eklse brewing here?

  • Not pressure sensitive. Maybe someone will build it into a pen?
  • No Camera – (But it can import photos – so that is ok.)
  • No Usb (no mouse? would it take the magic mouse? or do I need to get over the mouse thing?
  • No removable battery (limiting trips into the hills – or will my iPhone kengsinton charger work?)
  • Not a great processor (Lag in painting aps?)
  • No multi tasking (Not all that bad, most things are tabs on the browser anyway, but does not bode well for art, so I can have various art apps open)
  • No stylus option  (maybe it could be 3rd party?)

It is not as good as a netbook for work, not as good as a Windows Tablet for art, what are they thinking? Maybe it is touch all the way and that is ok?

I’ll stick with my iPhone for reading books too, best e-reader I’ve had – but a bigger screen would be nice.

Makes me think I’ll look into a Toshiba Tablet and run Windows 7 when this M200 has had it, but it is still OK! And it is a clunky messy thing!

Apple – iPad – Technical specifications and accessories for iPad.:

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