Natural Born Blogger – a Dave Winer thing.

I have not been able to leave them alone since before there were blogs, just links pages. I was a user on Dave Winers “Edit this page”.  Now I have this one, Psyberspace and my art blog, and I assist and maintain a host of others.

Natural-born blogger. (Scripting News):

Not everyone was born to blog, but some people were.  Permalink to this paragraph

Pity the poor NBB who was born before there were blogs. You can imagine this person wandering the planet with some unspecified sense of purpose. Scratching his or her head, wondering what exactly it is they were supposed to do with their lives. Permalink to this paragraph

Of course that’s a joke, because this instinct had many ways to be satisfied before there were blogs, but it wasn’t as easy as it is for people today.  Permalink to this paragraph

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