The next and needed social network will have the the following qualities:

The ethos will be present and overt. There will be a statement of vision and purpose about equity and compassion.

It will aim to bring together the activist left, the digital communication forms and specialist communication and relationship skill groups.

Process Orientation
Respectful of difference in vision and desired outcomes. Strong on adherence to principles of process. Dialogical.

Sustainable Organisation
There will be a balance between being stable and being able to evolve by the actions of participants. Overt governance.

Relates to a principle of isomorphism so that the same principles apply at the micro level operate at the macro. Enact principles consciously at all levels in the system.

Overt guidelines on privacy, transparency, confidentiality.

Loose endorsement of charters and manifestos. Eg Compassion, Imediatist.

Digital and Physical
The system will foster effective online and face-to-face participation all within the framework of defining next actions that adhere to the ethos.

The leadership is distributed via chapters and hubs and the digital information is not all be on one server or central hub or on one platform. (Diaspora)

Open Source

Not for Profit
(Wikipedia) (Linux)

Global and Local

Will have overt guidelines for effective participation. (Dynamic Facilitation) (NVC) (Imago) (Psychodrama)

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