Save the Mokihinui River


I am appalled at the prospect that one of the last unspoilt rivers in New Zealand has been given government blessing to be damned for hydro power. ( A report by Mike McGavin detailing the April 2010 decision. Decision) . We just saw Craig Potton Rivers DVD episode that shows the river and exposes the threat.

The Mokihinui is in the heart of country where I have tramped and camped, just south of the Whangapeka. I love this land. Google Map. I can’t bear it’s destruction, the country should not loose this land, the animals including endangered native snails and fresh water eels and fish will loose their habitat, trees will die, the permanent loss of trees and the building and concrete will add to carbon to the atmosphere.

Damming this river rides rough-shot over New Zealand culture and Maori traditions as the Craig Potton video makes clear. Meridian (the NZ state and who else?) are a power to reckoned with and will spare no efforts as what went on here with money to Iwi might indicate: Sounds like a case of divide and rule.

This dam will happen to our shame, we can stop this dam! Stop the Mokihinui dam, save the Mokihinui river. What to do? This is what I have in mind.


There are so many problems in the world, so much war and corruption, is saving a river even worth our attention? I think the plan to dam this river has serious, deep and far reaching problems at its root; use of energy, global warming, political short-sightedness for short-term lining of someone’s pockets, viable sources of income on the West Coast, corruption, erosion of cultural values, the need for awareness and holistic consciousness.

This must be a national and global issue, for me it is that my heart is connected to that land. This is a cause that deserves a movement, and a movement is brewing I am pleased to see and join.


The blindness at work here is akin to that great Tasmanian blunder, the damming of Lake Pedder.

Heavily opposed at the time, but now mourned as an Australian tragedy. Tasmanians are not prized for their foresight.

Did anybody ever benefit from this at all in any way? Where does the power go?


Save the Mokihinui River, stop the Mokihinui dam.

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