Sociometry: Facebook & Twitter

I am using Facebook a bit more lately.  I still use Twitter more.  But very differently.  This post for example I might link to Twitter, I found the link on Twitter.  It relates to my “Exploring the Psyche in Cyberspace” – psyberspace project.  And people who don’t like this stuff may well drop off, others who like it will stay on.  But Facebook is different.  Family, friends and local people hang out there.  I don’t want to foist my arcane musings onto them.   I might send a snippet, and a snippet of art.  My photos update from Flickr to Facebook.

I’m getting the hang of the difference!  Each has its place, one is not better than the other, both are pretty amazing social networking innovations.   (both are owned by corporate leaches who suck our life for profit).

Why are they different.  Permissions.  I can follow others without their permission, they could block me, but by default I can follow the Dali Lama, Bill Gates, Obama.  Very different to Facebook.  On Facebook it is not follow, but friending, and the link must be mutual.  This is of course of great interest from a sociometric point of view.  Never have there been such huge social networks.

Look at this sociogram!

Click for larger image.

Me on Facebook, me on Twitter  (not that I am very active on either really).

Facebook Continues to Dominate Among Youth | World of Psychology:

7 out of 10 (73% to be exact) teens use social networking websites like Facebook, only 1 in 12 teens use Twitter.

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