ThinkTank – a development in Cyberspace (like it ot not)

One day soon I’ll write something about this.

Big! Exciting! News: ThinkTank Is Now at Expert Labs | Smarterware:

When I got back 243 informed opinions by savvy netbook owners, I knew I needed a way to easily parse and share the most useful replies–and ThinkTank was born. ThinkTank is a work-in-progress web application that archives your conversations and social graph on Twitter (and eventually beyond). As you tweet, ThinkTank captures, filters, and ranks responses to those tweets so you can see the most useful responses first. In other words, ThinkTank makes it easy to ask your contacts a question and find meaning in a high volume of responses. That’s what makes it a perfect fit for Expert Labs. Expert Labs’ goal is to make government run better by helping policy makers take advantage of the same kinds of crowdsourcing tools that the rest of us take for granted. Expert Labs is also part of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), the world’s largest general scientific community. While you and I can use social networks to figure out what kind of netbook to buy, policy makers can use social networks to tap the expertise of scientists and technologists and inform decisions on how to govern. ThinkTank’s goal is to facilitate that.

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