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0023_dafodils_w, originally uploaded by Waltzzz.

Testing it here, but wanting to use this on In this moment… my art blog This is one of my early ThousandSketches

How and where to share photos remains a problem IMO. Flickr is rather wonderful but it is in the hands of yahoo, which is a gross company. I’ve hated them ever since they bought egroups and messed them up.

I have never managed the WordPress upload system well, perhaps that would be ok, but it is nice to have all my pix on a photo site that is social and public, yet not the blog. Zenphoto was ok, I had a series of rather nice albums. But it got out of date and let in the hack attack perhaps. Hard to maintain. There is a lot to be said for Flickr – WordPress, Facebook, twitter integration, slideshows, email sharing etc

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