I listened to this podcast today about Steve Jobs 7 principles of innovation on technometria.


And also to In out Time, as it happens, from the BBC

a podcast on Thomas Edison  (he is Jobs in another life) 

Now I see this (below) from emyth: and see the same message there loud and strong.  On the one hand  it is it is inspiring and enjoyable.  I have enjoyed the unexpected feast of this diet today, and it has been stimulating.  But, I always have a but, I don’t trust any of it. The will is not that powerful. We are not that autonomous, we could not just decide to follow some steps.  It is bigger.

No action, invisible leadership. What is leadership & innovation anyway? Hmmm maybe it is the American flavour of all this that puts me of. What God governs this ethos?

And it is politically unsound as well, the myth that everyone can do this.

The e-myth material follows.

The Five Core Leadership Skills – E-Myth Worldwide:

It’s not enough to just acknowledge my need to be a leader, you might be saying — what, exactly, does it involve? Let’s look first at what E-Myth considers the five core skills of effective leadership:

  1. Vision This is the ability to formulate ideas about the business or parts of the business; to understand opportunities or the need for change; to create a mental picture of what the business will be in the future; and to articulate all of that clearly in words and images. At the highest level, it’s the creation of the entrepreneur’s dream.
  2. Discrimination being able to see what’s important, to understand the available choices, and to make sound, practical decisions. Discrimination is free-form decision making rather than rule-based decision making. It’s knowing what questions to ask, and being able to answer them in the absence of rules or previous experience.
  3. Strategic Thinking The ability to see the big picture and devise an effective path — the right actions — that will lead to realizing the vision. Inventing “the rules of your game” (as Michael Gerber puts it) and creating your business philosophy and key policies.
  4. Commitment This is the determination and energy to follow through and make the vision a reality even in the face of obstacles, opposition, uncertainty, and risk. Without an underlying passion for your vision, commitment is difficult to maintain.
  5. Inspirational Communication This is the skill of communicating vision and strategy, and being able to infuse the organization with enthusiasm, dedication, and some of your own spirit and passion.

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