I just watched the movie Zeitgeist: Addenda Here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912#

I got to it because I saw in Google news that the movie is showing in Christchurch tonight. What I like about the movie is that it shows the end is night. It shows the nature of the problem, essentially the crumbling of the US empire.

It does it quite well! It shows the power of the IMF and World bank, the corporations, and shows really well how the US conducts its empire. It is holistic in many ways, drawing on people from a lot of fields for their opinion.

Critique and and a link follow, and a pdf:

But I hated the solutions that are proposed. The actions are ok, ie use less fuel, boycott certain banks etc, but it is the Al Gore movie all over again. The analysis is a bit deeper than the Al Gore movie but the solution is as effete. It is worse because it does not match the analysis. How can such a potent analysis propose such empty ideology? To be honest the analysis is a bit flawed as well. The movie has a reasonable exposition of the macro forces, however it’s technological focus is annoying. The problem, it says over and over, is money, it is not holistic or open ended, or marxist in that regard, but almost like social credit in its one eye perspective.

The Zeitgeist movement is itself a sort of institution, not based on a real movement. It may have half a million subscribers, but that is clicktivism.

Maybe I’m unduly critical. I’d be just as critical if it had a marxist solution. I might then be more sympathetic with the ideology, but marketing revolution like this won’t do the trick. The medium is the message.

So would I recommend the movie? Certainly, and even their actions, and I bet they are good people showing that movie tonight.

I am running a sociodrama workshop on the zeitgeist at the ANZPA conference. It will be interesting to see what *emerges*. I have been reflecting on just what is going on in the times right now. Clearly zeitgeist is in the zeitgeist! Integration of the internet and action is also looming… as is an emergent and holistic approach… maybe this movement will be a force for good?


This film will feature experts in the fields of public health, anthropology, neurobiology, economics, energy, technology, social science and other relevant subjects which relate to social operation and culture. The three central themes of the work are Human Behavior, Monetary Economics, and Applied Science. Put together the work creates a model of understanding the current social paradigm; why it is critical to move out of it – coupled with a new, radical, yet practical social approach based on advanced understandings which would resolve the current social woes facing the world today.


The Zeitgeist Movement is the activist arm of The Venus Project , which constitutes the life long work
of industrial designer and social engineer, Jacque Fresco. Jacque currently lives in Venus, Florida,
working closely with his associate, Roxanne Meadows. Now, let it be understood that Mr. Fresco will
be the first to tell you that his perspectives and developments are not entirely his own, but rather
uniquely derived from the evolution of scientific inquiry which has persevered since the dawn of
antiquity. Simply put, what The Venus Project represents and what The Zeitgeist Movement hence
condones, could be summarized as: ‘The application of The Scientific Method for social concern.’

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