The item from the Guardian on clicktivism I linked to in the last post has a  potent prediction in its conclusion.  I like the sentiment.  It is not enough though.  Jettisoning the methods of marketing is fine, but what then?  How to truly embrace the power of the net & social networks in an emerging world, how that can be done in a radical revolutionary way is not yet evident.  Do Wikipedia,  Linux, Facebook have something that can be harnessed for a greater purpose?  How?

Clicktivism is ruining leftist activism | Micah White | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk:

In place of measurements and focus groups will be a return to the very thing that marketers most fear: the passionate, ideological and total critique of consumer society. Resuscitating the emancipatory project the left was once known for, these activists will attack the deadening commercialisation of life. And, uniting a global population against the megacorporations who unduly influence our democracies, they will jettison the consumerist ideology of marketing that has for too long constrained the possibility of social revolution.

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