Raul Moncayo – Lacan

I’ve been listening to Dr Dave Shrink rap radio interview with Raul Moncayo.  I found the whole thing pleasant.  Yes, weird, but it was pleasant because it resonated with what is in my head a lot of the time, not the same content but the same questions  – the same discourse.  

I also listened to the earlier Wise Counsel podcast, less pleasant but more stimulating. 

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Lacan | Shrink Rap Radio Psychology Interviews: Exploring brain, body, mind, spirit, intuition, leadership, research, psychotherapy and more!:

Raul Moncayo, Ph.D. is author of the recent book, Evolving Lacanian Perspectives for Clinical Psychoanalysis. He is also training director for Mission Mental Health, San Francisco under the Department of Public Health.

An Interview with Raul Moncayo, Ph.D. on Lacanian Psychoanalysis – Psychotherapy Treatment And Psychotherapist Information:

In this edition of the Wise Counsel Podcast, Dr. Van Nuys interviews Raul Moncayo, Ph.D. on the topic of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, which is a further development of the original Freudian psychoanalysis as reimagined by Jacques Lacan, a French Psychoanalyst writing in the middle of the 20th century.

PS I have copies of these interviews – in case they go. Also here is a transcript:


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