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  1. Hi Walter – beautiful photo! Surreal! I have a different host for my blog site which you will note with this comment. As always, I continue to blog using photos – images that open doors into the human psyche. I am amazed at how cyberspace has changed since we first met sixteen years ago. And curiously, because of the changes, psyberspace has changed and we have changed. Are we more authentic, more in touch with the archetypal energies that are found in our very cores of being?

  2. Thanks Robert. I’m not sure about your questions. Psyberspace is different, but then it is always different for different people. How many of us then or now had the depth experience of our mailing lists at that time? DreamGroups? I loved having those experiences, but could not find that energy in me today.

    My psychological energy is in psychodrama. I’m a trainer and find that very rewarding. I was struggling with my relationships in that community at the time and thus Psyberspace afforded a haven. I’m more robust and would handel the vicissitudes one way or another.

    Blogging here is consistent for me, solitary mostly. A sort of long term research for a book I’ll never write. And a Journal as this photo indicates. I’m also quietly active in Brainstorms.

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