See Saw Jig Saw Words

Found this poem on my computer. Wrote it a few years ago.


In fever
I’ve been
a machine
all night

See saw
jig saw words
& fall
to make an image
as they land
on sand

Truth is that
never sleeps

Beauty lies
under a cloud
in darkness
rarely seen

Truth and love
side by side
with romance
out of sight

While you’re
we’re awake
& see the dream’s
a joke

We left the
car & caravan
in the
flooding stream

Retuned to
find a
baby on a horse

She looked
at us with

we played
our games
so lost
we could not find
the tokens
for the

2 Replies to “See Saw Jig Saw Words”

  1. Mooi, Walter. Ik hou van poëzie en heb menig gedicht geschreven dus vind het ook verrassend en leuk iets van jou te lezen.
    So this is an older poem I understand. I’m always curious how people relate to work they wrote years ago, is it still relevant?
    For me some poems are and contain an element of universal timelessness and some are not, but they serve as a beacon of time and memories 🙂

    Je nicht,

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