John Berger and Marxist Art Criticism — podcast (and More)

John Berger is worth attending to. He surprises and stimulates constantly about everything. I like this podcast:

Jon Greenaway (aka The LitCritGuy) returns to the show to discuss the life and work of John Berger and the world of Marxist art criticism.

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Music throughout the episode from the album “I Send you Cadium Red” by John Berger and Gavin Bryars


I have a copy of the podcast episode here:

John Berger

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It’s still there!


I have the physical book.  It is also on scrbd.

I also have Confabulations (Amazon)


Originally home meant the centre of the world – not in a geographical but in an ontological sense … home was the place from which the world could be founded … Without a home at the centre of the real, one was not only shelterless, but also lost in non-being, in unreality. Without a home, everything was fragmentation.

‘A Home Is not a House’ (1983)