John Nolte – Three Psychodrama Books

The Philosophy, Theory and Methods of J. L. Moreno

I have the Hard Cover and the Kindle and also found a pdf online.

I like the book. It is a good primer on Moreno and the psychodrama Method.

I like his summary on Moreno’s scientific methodology. It gets overlooked.

Just noticed this passage — I need to write a post on “sociodynamic effect”. I don’t like it. Moreno is weak on power relationships between people.

Throughout his life Moreno championed the cause of the weak and powerless against arbitrary authority. He saw sociometry as a means of ameliorating
dissension and redistributing power within a group so that all its members
shared sociometric wealth.



I’ve got this for the Kindle

And I’ve just ordered this one — I tried from Lulu but the interface failed.  Then resorted to second hand at Amazon (much cheaper) :

I have it on my list to review!