Ian Boyden – Artist

More on the calligraphy theme…


Ian Boyden’s fascination with materials, industrial processes, text and the calligraphic line led him to China where he studied history and the practice of Chinese calligraphy, painting and bookmaking with masters of those arts. He worked for Walla Walla Foundry where he learned to cast, weld and chase bronze, and in Portland with Kathy Kuehn at Salient Seedling Press to learn letterpress printing and a variety of bindings. He founded Crab Quill Press to produce limited-edition, fine press artist books and in 1998, moved the Press to Walla Walla where he also works as the director of the Sheehan Art Gallery at Whitman College.

Davidson Gallery Exhibit

Foundry Gallery Exhibit

Crab Quill Press

Augen – Ian Boyden
Good selection (Most are in the other linked sites too.)

Intaglio Printmaking – Wikipedia

Beautiful books! Images follow. You can only see them if you see the post rather than a whole list of posts. I only show my own in that way.

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Mark Tobey, 1890-1976

Monday, May 10, 1976, Robert Hughes wrote an obituary in TIME of Mark Tobey Incarnations of Tobey TIME

By the ’50s, a stereotype of Tobey had emerged, and it was to affect his reputation in American art: the sage of the Pacific Northwest, perched on a misty crag, making exquisitely obscure calligraphic doodles. Tobey had worked for a year in China. At that time it was hardly possible for a painter to have done this without being regarded, in some circles, as a perambulating bodhisattva.

I am posting to pursue a thread. The relationship between calligraphy and modern art. It is there everywhere once you look. The action painters, like Franz Klein, Max Gimblett, Pollock. I will keep at it.

More here, and here is a good site: MARK TOBEY, American artist 1890-1976, Page by Arthur Lyon Dahl It has paintings as well as this photo of him:

Mark Tobey

Bridgeman Art Library – Image Search
Good sample – small images.

Art & Belief

That is one of about three Toby books I just bought online! Through Amazon but dirt cheap from secondhand shops. They will take months to get here, I may be over Toby by then, but I doubt it.

More text & images by Mark Tobey follow.

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Lisa Rivas has written a great post about my work. Thank you Lisa.

She found some info I wrote about doing circles as a child. Thousands of small yellow circles they were. I was about 6. Day after day I did circles and coloured them yellow. I don’t colour them all the same, but I still do circles! As both images in Lisa’s post show!

Some collaboration with Lisa is brewing… watch this space. Also Note that I have updated my Artists links in the sidebar.


Thinking about circles and the Zen of circles I got going on a few more. Did lots, saved two.


Larger Image.

Another follows:

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Rauschenberg, dies at age 82

From an article in the WSJ by Barbara Rose

Robert Rauschenberg, whom many, including this writer, believe to be the biggest innovator in art after Jackson Pollock, died on Monday at age 82, an acknowledged hero of the avant garde. The passings of these two artists could not have been more different. Pollock careened to his death in a fatal 1956 car crash at age 44. Rauschenberg, to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, did not go gently into that good night. Paralyzed by a stroke, like his own hero de Kooning, he continued to work until the end of a long and productive life. From a wheelchair in his beachfront studio in Captiva, Fla., where he had retired from the New York art scene in the late 1960s, he selected images from the vast archive of his own photographs and, working with the aid of assistants, continued to turn out a steady stream of canvases and sculptures. Nor did he let the stroke keep him from attending openings and festivities.


Trash suit

The Wikipedia entry as it read on Sunday, 18 May, 2008 and some images follow:

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Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman Here is a good post about her on a blog. I stumbled on that one. & then found more and more.

Quirky art. Her website. She is the wife of Tibor Kalman who died 1999. I blogged about him before I had an art blog.

She does fabric art and illustrated “Elements of Style” Amazon

Childrens Books

And then, once again TED – downloading the video now!

Later: Saturday, 10 May, 2008

That talk is fabulous, much better than a blog! Go and see it!

Images follow:

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