Wendy Whiteley story of her life with Brett Whiteley, Australian artist

Just been listening & watching an ABC video. Great story.

Talking Heads: 2009: Wendy Whiteley Podcast 26:00 10/08/2009 Wendy Whiteley: Peter Thompson talks to artist Wendy Whiteley about her extraordinary journey from swinging sixties London and New York to a tranquil garden at the edge of Sydney Harbour.

Video (mp4)


Images and comments follow.

I think I’ll go to the Studio Museum when I’m in Sydney in January – not far from where my brother Hugh lived. The story is engaging, tragic. Amazing that he won all three major art prizes in one year.

I like the look of this paining:

Brett Whiteley – Untitled Red Painting – 1960
Larger Image.

Photo of Brett Whiteley by Jacqueline Mitelman

Portrait & image from the excellent Artquotes site.

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