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World’s biggest drawing

World’s biggest drawing created with the help of GPS and DHL – Engadget


Digital images can be made in all sorts of ways, and then they can be Presented in many ways as well.

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Acrylic – Forgotten


I have completed my first painting in acrylics. There are pleny of
half finished or failed ones lying about but this one I’ll consider
done. It is the first of a series.

It is on gessoed canvas, unframed, the image is 600 x 600 mm
just under 24 inches square.

It has taken a while to get to this point. I have tried a few oils,
some and line & washes – but this one is the first result – that is
not digital.

Digital is clean & quick. Just how quick comes home when I need
to re-arrange the office into a studio. Paints, water, table floor
coverings, easle. Surfaces to prepare and techniques to try out.
And the waiting for things to dry. The cleaning up.

On Sunday (13 April) I was productive. I had about four Earth
Crosses in acrylic on the go. I also prepared some more canvas &
a board. Paintings come on and off the easel as I add something &
then wait for it to dry.

It is based on an earth cross from a few weeks back, see it here.

The photography is patchy but it gives the idea,


Larger Image.

Detail 2
Larger Image.

Digital Sketches

Colour Collage 2

Here is another. With these, wait till the fourth image loads and see the collage.


Digital Sketches

Colour Collage

Three related images 13 inches square printed on Hahnemühle Paper and bonded to canvas with acrylic colour and media. This is in the same format as this one.


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Aotearoa Digital Arts Network – Symposium

ADA – Aotearoa Digital Arts Network


Looks like I will be filling my days at a Symposium here in Christchurch this weekend! It look great. I’ll have a go at blogging it, as will others.

Digital Sketches

Transition Contours


I can imagine printing these three and sticking them to a heavy paper and giving the lot a thick cover of gloss.

What do you think?

Later: I am doing just that today, Friday, 21 March, 2008 harder than I thought, the buckling, as you might have guessed. Canvas on canvas? I have printed on canvas using my Epson R2400 but it is blurry, I need to get the profile right, how do I do that?

Maybe get as roll of wall paper? Paper on paper?

Digital Sketches

Bush – acrylic work in progress

I am working on a 600 x 600 acrylic on canvas, a stylised of the view of the bush at Mt. Lyford. Here is how far I have got with it, a reasonable photo of how it looks.

Bush – Acrylic on canvas 600 x 600
Larger Image.

I have been testing out how it might develop using the Tablet… quite fun, and I have another digital version brewing before I commit to paint!

Larger Image.

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Sent letter!



via Long Now

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Excellent article on Peter Doig


Charles Saatchi came to some of Doig’s early shows, in pubs and odd spaces, but he never bought anything. The press was full of articles about the death of painting, but Doig, who by now had a wife whom he’d met at St Martin’s and the first of their five kids, trusted those obituaries were exaggerated.

Perhaps one consequence of his rootless childhood was a hoarder’s habit: he was a great collector of images and scraps of things, taking Polaroids, hanging on to bits of strangeness he saw. In London, he often went to Canada House on Trafalgar Square to raid its library of travel brochures, trying to make some sense of his memories of adolescence in Toronto. In contrast to the slickness of the art that was making headlines, he had a desire to make paintings that were resolutely ‘homely’, often literally so: a recurring obsession in his work were colloquial suburban and rural houses, glimpsed from across roads or through trees, domestic images so singular that they shift, like David Lynch scenes, into the territory of uncanny.

White Canoe Image follows:

Art Talk Digital Sketches

Dame Edna – Barry Humphries – Art Online

This is innovative!

Barry Humphries will go head to head with his alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, tomorrow in a public battle for artistic appreciation. The 73-year-old Australian star, who is recovering from peritonitis that almost killed him earlier this month, has decided to go ahead with the launch of his innovative online art gallery. Humphries has painted seriously since his teens and has agreed to be at the centre of a new art project that will allow internet users not just to download his work for free, but to alter it.

Free paintings and the right to alter them. I wonder if you can also sell them on!

I am interested as my own copyright is loose, but more restricted.

There is one difference, he has the original, in the case of my digitals you can access the actual original. (ask me for the URL)

I am looking forward to seeing these, when I find them I will make another post.