Evernote killed my blog

I used to write more in this blog than I do now. I always said I was just writing for myself, that it was a sort of note taking.

I have become an avid user of Evernote – and it is all private.  Notes to myself.  This has taken the driving force out of my motivation, which, I’m sorry to say, dear reader, was not to inform or please you but more about me.

Of course blogging has lost its pride of place as a form of communication with the advent of social media.  I don’t do much of that, but some, and that will have had an impact as well.

The other thing that never worked well in this blog is that I am a multiple personality.  I have six.

Which one is writing this blog?  The psychophile, the technophile… those two do ok here, after all the blog is on the cusp of these two interests, but I also do art, and I am a bushwalker and then there is a passion for specifically psychodrama and imago.  And movies and books!  And I used to be a communist so there is that whole interest in politics.  I use the tag World for that.

No unified focus.  Does that matter?

My Evernote account is more than capable of containing wild diversity.  Tags.  

There are tags here too.  And “notebooks”  This one has the notebook Journal.  And a bunch of tags, but who would ever use them? I do, Psyberspace is a resource with all my ramblings for a couple of decades.



Retina Display ready?

I’m uploading this via Mars Edit and then hopefully it will show a retie resin appropriate image on retina displays. And smaller one on other displays.

IMG 2144

That was sent up as 2414 × 6992 (16.9 MP) — can it handle that?

Maybe something more reasonable, 2448 × 3264 (8.0 MP):

IMG 2130

Later: These images do look remarkably sharp on my non retina MacBook Pro with the setting to always serve the retina images.

I’ll try it without.


Seems to make no difference – be good to hear from someone with a retina MacBook Pro

These images were from a recent walk up the SawCut gorge north of kaikoura.

I am nature

I am nature triptych

Posted a few on my other blog in the last week or two… on a theme – nature and how thinks relate to their past origins.

I am as it were in a slow almost imperceptible meditation on the word “inevitable”. The art of finding a way through the maze of the possible. Certain turns forfeit possibilities but open others. Beed reading E O Wilson on all this. Pigs can’t fly.


Later Sunday, 28 January, 2018

This 4 years before http://kk.org/books/the-inevitable/

Why do I have two blogs?

When I finished my ThousandSketches project I wanted to continue making sketches and blogging them. I created In this moment… My art blog In addition to my sketches I added thoughts about art, and a lot of links to art I like and bits of info about artists.

But really it is all Psyberspace! I may as well put it all here. Maybe I could just use ifttt to create links here when I post something on In this moment…. I’ll try that.


Yes that works! The test post actually appears before this one.

My other blog!

I have another blog: Psyberspace This is a test message to see if a post here alerts a reader on that blog.

Ill add an img for good measure.

Here is a recent doodle of mine:

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 — Of course this post was an import when I disabled  “In this moment….”


Psyche and cyberspace

I am adding a quite a few political posts of late. I put them in the World category. But I think I’ll stop posting them, and focus on psyche and cyberspace.

I see the fate of the world as a psychological phenomena. The cyberspace aspect is vital as well, so my “World” posts are not really off topic. I am deeply concerned, angry, and scared about the fate of the world. However there are a bunch of left-wing bloggers and websites that do all of this really well. Maybe I’ll put a bunch of those in the sidebar. Promote them more.

We are heading for disaster with war, climate and nuclear weaponry. If the world is like the Titanic, then we need to avoid that iceberg, grab the wheel, or slow down, or strengthen the ship in some way.

What I know best is psyche and cyberspace. In those fields there may be some answers. I think I have been posting in vain to vent anger, to point to the Emperors new clothes, to say we are on the eve of destruction. But I will sticl with the way in which psychological work is needed.

Crazy? It might sound that way because we are in an Orwellian world, where words mean their opposite. Or they mean nothing at all.

Psyche always was a complex idea. Think of Marx’s idea of class consciousness.

12 September 2021
Did not post this in 2010, but put it up today. I’ve added the tag: About – about me about the world and about this weblog.

Thinking creātically – By Kenneth G. Johnson

Thinking creātically: a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to creative … By Kenneth G. Johnson

That is the Amazon link to the used books at a huge price.

As part of my link journey on the General Semantic theme I found it on Google and took a snap off the screen with the iphone of some references I wanted.

More details of my process and the book follows.

Continue reading “Thinking creātically – By Kenneth G. Johnson”

Psychological Immunity

Post on PsyBlog.  Interesting to call it the psychological immune system.  I have always called them “coping mechanisms” and we need them. But because they are unconscious, it is useful to monitor them consciously, especially when they are old and out of date, like coping by over-eating, or coping by over-working. 

The unconscious is wise.  The unconscious is stupid.

The Psychological Immune System | PsyBlog:

The very fact that we don’t seem to notice our psychological immune system is probably the only reason it works at all. After all, in order to feel better we have to conveniently forget some important facts, such as how much we wanted the job we didn’t get, loved the partner who walked out or were enjoying the ice cream we just dropped.

Interestingly the point I am making in this comment is made very well by the image used in the original. We could be walking around like this – long after the air is clean.