Debs Martin Comment On Mokihinui River |


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Good piece in todays Press – quoted in full below. Here is a link to some snaps we took last year:

Debs Martin Comment On Mokihinui River |


Add Mokihinui River to national park

Plans to dam the West Coast’s Mokihinui River have been withdrawn but Forest & Bird’s Debs Martin argues that permanent protection is needed for the river and catchment.

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Greetings to all Save the Mokihinui supporteMokihinui

I just got this email from Debs Martin.

This is a cause worth getting in behind!!


Greetings to all Save the Mokihinui supporters

(and apologies if you receive this email more than once),

Thanks for your efforts over the past few weeks to pass on the message to Meridian that damming the Mokihinui is unacceptable.  Over 2600 emails have been sent and numbers are still rising.  March 31st is the last date for sending an ecard – so let your family and friends know!

How else can you help us win the battle?
To assist with the Environment Court case, we have
just launched our Save the Mokihinui shareholding

You can purchase one of 140 limited  edition shareholding
certificates (featured left) of $100 each – securing your
part in the battle to save the Mokihinui River.


Beautifully illustrated, the certificate encapsulates all that is valuable in the Mokihinui – from its enigmatic great spotted kiwi to its  earthquake-shattered limestone gorges.

We hope this certificate will be an important piece of Mokihinui memorabilia in years to come as a reminder of battles won!

To buy your certificate and virtual plot click  here.

Warm regards,
Debs Martin
Regional Field Officer
Top of the South
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc


Mokihinui Plans

Ah, more recent news (October 2010) and it confirms that there is a plan, to build and to oppose the dam.

POWER struggle |

Meridian has the project on first base by obtaining the required resource consents from the West Coast Regional and Buller District councils. In March, commissioners decided, two to one, to grant the consents. The Department of Conservation (DOC), Forest & Bird and Whitewater NZ are appealing and the Environment Court is expected to hear the case in 2012.

On it & onto it

Save the Mokihinui River


I am appalled at the prospect that one of the last unspoilt rivers in New Zealand has been given government blessing to be damned for hydro power. ( A report by Mike McGavin detailing the April 2010 decision. Decision) . We just saw Craig Potton Rivers DVD episode that shows the river and exposes the threat.

The Mokihinui is in the heart of country where I have tramped and camped, just south of the Whangapeka. I love this land. Google Map. I can’t bear it’s destruction, the country should not loose this land, the animals including endangered native snails and fresh water eels and fish will loose their habitat, trees will die, the permanent loss of trees and the building and concrete will add to carbon to the atmosphere.

Damming this river rides rough-shot over New Zealand culture and Maori traditions as the Craig Potton video makes clear. Meridian (the NZ state and who else?) are a power to reckoned with and will spare no efforts as what went on here with money to Iwi might indicate: Sounds like a case of divide and rule.

This dam will happen to our shame, we can stop this dam! Stop the Mokihinui dam, save the Mokihinui river. What to do? This is what I have in mind.