Therapeutic Village

I initiated a submission – a proposal to The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction 2018 Oranga Tāngata,

This is a link to the submission: The Therapeutic Village

There is also a petition on OurActionStation that will be delivered to the Government and again to the Inquiry at the end of November 2018

Please sign and spread the word.

Podcast — Audio

US inmate advocate Ann Jacobs on RNZ – talking about prisoners.  Note the post-prison care gap!

As I listen to this interview I was glad to have the proposal and petition for the Therapeutic Village online.   I’m determined it will happen!  Listen and notice how the Village idea fills the gap.

The is from an article in stuff: Art therapy paints a thousand healing words by Georgia Forrester Jul 10 2016,  The photo is by Warwick Smith.

The feature image at the top is one of my sketches.


Newsletter June 2009



Walter’s Art News

June 2009

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the my Art News, first one for the year! Note that I have changed the way I send these. Please let me know how it looks on your computer or phone.

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I am searching for my (art) style. The Thousand Sketches was like a satellite view, a grand sweep of who I might be, a way of sorting land from sea.

I am searching by engaging in smaller projects. I can see where 5 years at university would come in handy though, this is hard work, time is only half of it. I have half a dozen scrappy projects on the go and need to wallow, play, explore, focus and get inspiration and tuition and critique on them all!

May be I need a better warm up. Yes I do.

How to engage the muse?

Maybe that is the title of the paper I am writing for the ANZPA Journal.

Maybe with that question in mind I might make sense of the following projects…

Where I am up to

Earth Crosses
in prints and also paint

A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital line & wash prints

Bush & plants
Like above, A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital somewhat abstract plant series
prints and have begun one in acrylic paint

I am aware I am drawn to the square format… the landscapes? Perhaps those prints need to be in three adjoining prints?

Presentation is on my mind, and I have just ordered 10 frames to work on a show of some sort.

Just as I want to focus on the above – and that is a lot of work! What happens: new styles emerge.

Let me post some in the posts ahead. Or would that be procrastinating?


North Canterbury

A new project. Landscapes. Unsure as ever but need to follow this. As in the Earth Crosses the starting point is Thousand Sketches. One or two are coming straight over as part of the new series, but mostly I am redoing old ones and making new ones. I want to find about a dozen I like.

Some new aspects I am noticing. The calligraphic lines, all of them in this series. while digital, will have this, I am pursuing this. The other new thing is that I will use these sketches to make oils. I will post them as I do them but on the whole I’d like to present a selected set of them, digital images and corresponding oils.

What I like is that via the blog the unity of the work is maintained. These images can “phone home”.

I wrote this to a friend who commented on my work:

“The whole cyberspace side of it is important to me, I think it will impact art more and more. The objects, even when one off and in paint etc, can have a ‘virtual life’ as well, they can forever be linked to the artists words and to other items in the project or series… books & letters did it occasionally, but it was complex, hit and miss. I think it is a significant step in this era. So I am glad you noticed that aspect of the work.”