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Streeton Exhibition in Sydney


Arthur Streeton exhibition at the Art Gallery on NSW . (Dead Link)

If I were flying I’d love to see this exhibition in November.

I inherited a Heidelberg School book from my father, it’s full of Streeton and familiar to me. Australian impressionism.

Later: August 2021
Streeton gallery follows:

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Someone hates Nature

This is on the South Coast Walk in the Royal National Park
From My Facebook (if it works!):
This is on the South Coast Walk in the Royal National Park, just South of Sydney. There must have been more than 5k of this grid. Why!! Ugly, unpleasant to walk on, expensive, and if it is there to prevent erosion, the rest of the 25K would have had heaps less with a bit of decent track marking and better drainage.

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Mining threat: Dharawal land and rock art

Sharyn Cullis the secretary of the Georges River environmental alliance (left) and Pat Durman an executive member of the National Parks Association (NPA) Macarthur branch (right) swims in O'Hares Creek, at a swimming spot called Cobong in the Dharawal State Conservation area

Among the state’s cleanest creeks … Sharyn Cullis and Pat Durman swim in O’Hares Creek in the Dharawal State Conservation Area. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Preposterous that coal mining could destroy this region!

This pool is just like the one where spent the endless summers of my childhood, Heathcote Creek, a tributary of the Woronora River, like O’Hare’s Creek a tributary of the George’s River. I am only recently learning about the Dharawal aboriginal people who are connected to this land.

I am reading: Rivers and Resilience: Aboriginal People on Sydney’s George River (I’ll post more later about that book)

I am outraged by the proposals to destroy these areas. This must be stopped. I hope that there is a massive opposition to these offensive plans. Please comment if you know of petitions, or campaigns.

Mining ‘threat to swamps and rock art’:

Resistance is growing to coalmine plans, writes Ben Cubby.

Full article from the SMH follows:

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Ampersand Bookshop Paddington


Ampersand Bookshop Paddington, originally uploaded by Waltzzz.

Had a good time here today! Worth coming to Sydney for.

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Sydney Experience – Art Gallery

IMG_6251, originally uploaded by Waltzzz.

Having a great time in Sydney. Gallery yesterday. The above is one of quite a few from the Gallery of NSW posted into a set on Flickr.

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Wendy Whiteley story of her life with Brett Whiteley, Australian artist

Just been listening & watching an ABC video. Great story.

Talking Heads: 2009: Wendy Whiteley Podcast 26:00 10/08/2009 Wendy Whiteley: Peter Thompson talks to artist Wendy Whiteley about her extraordinary journey from swinging sixties London and New York to a tranquil garden at the edge of Sydney Harbour.

Video (mp4)


Images and comments follow.