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I have another blog: Psyberspace This is a test message to see if a post here alerts a reader on that blog.

Ill add an img for good measure.

Here is a recent doodle of mine:

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 — Of course this post was an import when I disabled  “In this moment….”


Not a digital image


I did this in a workshop last January with paint on paper!! – posing it while playing with MarsEdit, a blog posting tool for the Mac. Wondering how it handles images.

Later : lost the original. Now it is a digital image. I can print it!

Ipro – audio tests -?

Test from from my phone


I can get .m4a files and .wav files off the phone, they work on the phone and on the pc, but I have no way of doing MP3s yet, on the phone. I prefer them as they are the easiest to play.

This Google flash player for example, will not play the .wav files. It plays an MP3 in the previous post.

[Files don’t work — Friday, 10 September 2021 ]

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I have just added this plugin. Makes total sense to me, how else is a blog really a conversation tool? Usually it is not. So leave a comment, tick the box & I will respond. Testing it still.