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  1. That’s a great plugin. Been using it for awhile now. Really helps keep the conversation moving along. I’d suggest the plugin “gregarious” though which allows people to bookmark a post via a social network site or email it to a friend if the person so chooses. By the way Walter, I did get your comment on Artist Hideout about linking to 1000 sketches, but that project is done for me now too. 😉

  2. Hi William, if my plugin works I presume you will get an email. Yes my Thousand Sketches are done, but the project lives on, I am still making various presentations, printing images and posting nes items there.

    I looked at your art site again today, have you quit art? or just that blog?

    Warm wishes,


  3. I have just moved on from that site. I don’t really know how to quit art.. not sure that’s ever really possible if you love it. 😉 Artist Hideout was a for profit type of blog with b5media. Since I left b5, I have actually moved to a more personal blogging style on decloned but including art and also doing some random cartooning as well as personal thoughts.

  4. Is this a new phenomena? I have three blogs, and belong to several other groups and it is hard to know where to put stuff. I guess people are simply complex! Always have been.

    Anyway, it seems my plug in worked?

  5. Oh yeah, the plugin works great. As for if it is a new phenomena? no. It really just depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your blog. Some blog for fun, some for just a place to show their artwork, and some blog for money or just the fellowship of like-minded people. I guess the reasons can be as varied as the people themselves.

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