O’Reilly Network: iBooks Love Linux [Mar. 29, 2002] iBooks Love Linux
by Edd Dumbill


“It feels a bit like a homecoming. After years wandering in the cranky wilderness of mix-and-match PCs I’m working again on a computer that feels like it has a soul. The reason I feel like this? The other week I switched from an Intel-based laptop to an iBook.”

I have a Dell laptop running Mandrake – and while there is sometheing extra soulful about Debian on the iBook – I have a machine that has plenty of soul! 15″ 1600×1200 playing K.D. Lang DVD while I work must be up there… or down pretty deep into soulful. The thing is that hardware aside, to be out of MS is bliss. I feels like being in a good restaurant after hanging out at Mc Donald’s for years.

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