The conversation continues… THE WI-FI PEANUT GALLERY

“… All this happened last month in Scottsdale, Ariz., and will be happening again and again as more conference venues get “wired” with wireless.”

“… What’s going on here?

“As always, the phenomenon is happening first in a reflexive way — as you may expect, at conferences where the subject is computers. But such phenomena have a way of spreading.”

Esther Dyson is reporting on the PC forum – I think it is the first time i have read a report on the mooted shift happening – a room full of people f2f and online at the same time. The future is not being old & bloated & fed intraveinously while we are yourthful online. We will be fully physically alive, solitary or social and mixing the virtual into our actual with ease.

And yes – it happens reflexively at techno events but will soon be ubiquitous.

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