“Now lets talk about what I like in a web art piece. I enjoy the sites that have a noticeable narrative going on in them, they seem to have better direction and focus than a lot of the new sites I see out there. Many are too wide open, no focus, which leaves the viewer without direction, lost and aggravated. I don’t mean so much direction and focus to the point the piece becomes too predictable and boring, I just mean it is nice to be taken on a journey and seeing inside the artist mind, not just left wondering around not knowing which way to turn, and in the net art space that is easy to do. Interactivity is nice, but too much irritates me, I want to be lured, driven through a piece. Imagery is also a must, words only reminds me I am reading a book. I want to be in a space I am unfamiliar with, but familiar with at the same time. Arguably creating something that hasn’t been done before is impossible, but experiencing something I am somewhat familiar with is nice, as long as it is presented in a new or different way.”

I think of this site – Psybernet and how it has that focus – it is personal to me and about the psyche in cs. A good combo. Experiential… there is no objective view of the psyche in cs, and so as I am here writing I explore psyberspace, create it with annotations.

I have not quite figgured out who wrote this review. matthewturlington?

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