email or e-mail?

Explored Garbl’s Editorial Style Manual and found:
Page for E, where he cites:

e-mail A shortened version of electronic mail. OK to use e-mail (lowercase) in all references, including first. Capitalize as E-mail only to begin sentences, headings and headlines. Do not drop the hyphen. Follow the same style for words like e-business and e-commerce.

Made me wonder if I am on the loosing side of this as I prefer “email” – not as a general rule for initial based words, just that one, email, because it is ubiquitous. How does it Google?

267,000,000 for email

15,000,000 for e-mail

Not only that, but in the last search it asked me if I meant email. I am sticking with email! Not just because of the numbers, I stick with counselling because of the culture I live in, and email is a bit like that. It was not till Wired lost its original impetus that it changed to e-mail, it was part of its demise as an icon for online culture.

While I have my view on this it does not take a way from the site – the site is a nice one to have a link to – covers a lot of ground.

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