Writing Style on the Web

Garbl’s Writing Center, wonderful site. Web oriented.

Welcome to Gary B. Larson’s portal to a free editorial style manual, annotated directory of writing Web sites, concise writing guide, personalized advice and writing forum.

He has a powerful page on Bush Lies as well and the values shine right through the writing style material. He has a sense of how words can hurt and how they can heal.

When I see a site like this I become curious about American English, International English and in my case New Zealand English. There really is no one style for all. I run into problems with my site as I have Online Counselling and Online Counseling to deal with. I always write counselling but need to put the more common American one in the various places for key-words etc.

Here is how they Google:

2,290,000 counselling

8,890,000 counseling

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