While looking for images to put in my next post I found this… I’d like to see the movie, written and directed by Lynn Hershman Leeson (Not in Alice’s).

SIFF 2002– reel review: Review by Jennifer Albert:

Tilda Swinton stars in TEKNOLUST as Dr. Rosetta Stone, a biogeneticist who has lost her entire family to a mysterious disease and copes with her lonely life by infusing her DNA into her computer.

slant // magazine.com: Teknolust Review by Ed Gonzalez:

Hershman’s all-neon-like cyber-philosophy is not only muddled but it also sounds as if it was penned by Bj?rk herself (Ruby tells Rosetta via the cyber-geek’s microwave: “Feel my luminous halo. Think of me as part of your cyborgian spine.”).

Review for Teknolust (2002) by Harvey Karten (this is the a sympathetic and thorough review):

“Teknolust” is itself the creation of Lynn Hershman-Lesson, whose “Conceiving Ada” four years ago is a more complex fantasy contrasting the lives of a modern computer geek named Emmy with that of Lord Byron’s daughter, Ada the 19th century woman who developed the forerunning of today’s computer. Ada was played by the remarkable Tilda Swinton, a good choice not only for that pic but for computer-lover Lesson’s current project, in that along with her beauty comes the vague feeling that she is herself an alien.


There is more and more to explore about this movie:

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