US is misquoting my Iraq report, says Blix

Dr Blix took issue with what he said were US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s claims that the inspectors had found that Iraqi officials were hiding and moving illicit materials within and outside of Iraq to prevent their discovery. He said that the inspectors had reported no such incidents.

Similarly, he said, he had not seen convincing evidence that Iraq was sending weapons scientists to other countries to prevent them from being interviewed.

Nor had he any reason to believe, as President George Bush charged in his State of the Union speech, that Iraqi agents were posing as scientists, or that his inspection agency had been penetrated by Iraqi agents and that sensitive information might have been leaked to Baghdad.

Finally, he said, he had seen no persuasive indications of Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda. “There are other states where there appear to be stronger links,” such as Afghanistan, Dr Blix said. “It’s bad enough that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction.”

It really is bad how the US admin machine generates lies, this info is also reported but somehow the might of the lies machine overwhelms it all. I got this link of daypop, not Google News for example, which means people find this but search engines don’t?

It might make no real sense to have UN inspectors (backed by US might) in Iraq but for all that the battle there is holding off the war for now, perhaps because of a falling out among thieves. For all that if the US had its way millions would be dead by now. But ultimately Blix and the UN can’t be trusted to keep the peace.

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