Esthr’s Blog: flickr!

Esther Dyson once had a blog it now tells us she has a new blog home at Flickr: Photos from Esthr. Now that is an example of a great mind and spirit really. (note the way she spels her name on flickr) To be able to reconceptualise flickr as a blog & then act on it. No wonder she is good at what she does.

Reconceptualising the blog is a great idea though. I had a thought today that I would write purely psychological stuff on here – professional creative inspirational notes about psychotherapy. Then, not having a good category system here I thought – why not just tag them, so they create a technorati blog. My psyber posts should be doing that! I’ll tag this one that way & see what the psyber tag does over there. Well all from Waltr for now.


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