history+cyberspace – In search of the Eras


In my search for a way of naming the eras of cyberspace history, a psyntific act, I have selected 10 links from about 100 I looked at. This will only be added value of course for anyone who shares my particular brand of curiosity. If you do – you can sub to the rss feed here – I’ll update them from time to time, add and delete.

Deleting is of course more expensive than adding. I have been listening to an amazing talk: MyLifeBits and the Memex Vision by Gordon Bell.

That last paragraph is totally incidental to the gist of this post. But even the post is somewhat incidental as the new era in posting style exemplified by this post is more interesting than its substance. Plenty of people are doing it – linking to their delicious lists of items, and then you can sub to them in rss readers.

But to return to the substantive point: what are the eras of cyberspace? Past & future if you like. How will they be known in say 20 years? See how like a psychological study this is? Looking at all the raw info and then coming up with a nice metaphor that leads to a nod and a yes.

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