What Hath God Wrought!

Brush Up Your Bible: What Hath God Wrought!:

The line ‘What hath God wrought!’ is remembered today thanks as much to Samuel Morse as to Balaam. Having just invented the telegraph, Morse was searching for an appropriate first message when the daughter of a U.S. patent official suggested the biblical phrase. He sent it on May 24, 1844, humbling his own role while aggrandizing the invention. I don’t know if other inventors have lifted the phrase, but we more often quote it now with fear or horror than reverence. Perhaps we’re just cynical about what technology has wrought.

I was thinking about the phrase Fear of God, and how it might be an OK idea. Imagining what might be in the minds of “good god fearing people” when they use such a phrase. In the psalms and probably all over the Bible we are urged to fear God. This got me thinking about the gods of cyberspace – take Hermes for example who defines borders and trade and is the God of trickery and theives, or perhaps Eros who thrives to create links all over the place, sometimes they are hard to undo. So to me it is not cynicism about what technology has wrought – or what God has wrought – but these things are disruptive forces, more potent than tunami’s and deserve our utmost respect.

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